Do you always get offered the drink driving course if this is your first offence??

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Messaging on behalf of my partner, he was pulled over at the side of the road early hours of Sunday morning. He below 47 and then 46 - he totally admits he was at fault and has a clean record.

I'm aware that there is a driving course that you can be offered which will reduce your ban by 25% - is this offered to everyone? As he is a first time offender what is the likelihood of them offer him this and most importantly, if he is not offered this (We are not using a solicitor) At what point and how does he ask to attend the course to reduce the ban to 9 months rather than 12?



Thank you Martin. I read your article on what to expect on the day at the court.

At what point does he ask for the course should he not be offered it? Is there someone that he speaks to before he goes into the court? Or does he ask for his on the stand?

Apologies, this is not something that we are familiar with at all.



Thank you so much - appreciate your help.

Would you advise instructing a solicitor for this? The few that we have approached haven't really wanted to know any of the basic details before any form of payment which doesn't fill me with confidence.

With this type of offence, he will obviously say that he is guilty but would having a solicitor make a huge difference on the ban length and offering of driving course?


Martin Hammond

I would always advise taking a solicitor. It is very difficult speaking about yourself in a positive manner especially in a room full of people.

It does make a difference, it isn't a high reading but once the CPS explain why he was pulled over (the police will always justify the reason for the stop) the 16 month disqualification time period will always be considered. A good solicitor will fight to ensure the 12 months and the course being offered.

If it assists I could ask one of my team to call you for a chat? Obviously it is a no obligation conversation and may help you with the decision.
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