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Didn't take passport, wasn't allowed on course and no money back

I attended a DDR course a couple of weeks ago, but I hadn't read their terms and conditions and didn't realise that I was supposed to take photo ID and it would have taken me all morning to go home and back by bus and train and I couldn't think of anyone who could bring it down for me. I even walked to the local custody centre as they've got my photo there, but they said they were too busy to print it out. By the time I got back to the course, I had thought of someone who could possibly bring my passport down, but by now it was an hour past the start time and the instructor refused to let me in and the battery on my phone had run out, so I just gave up and went home. And now it seems like I'm not going to get my money back - it's in their terms and conditions which apparently I agreed to by clicking a button when I paid for the course. However, I've been looking at the guidelines for running a DDR course - - and it seems like they really don't need to be so strict, I could have brought my passport the next saturday. So do you think I've got a case for getting my money back? And if so, how?
Was this a course with TTC ?
we do require ID to be shown but trainers should work round this if you have none on day 1.
Thanks for your reply. No it wasn't with TTC, it was a firm on the south coast, I'm just writing to complain now. Meanwhile I have managed to arranged to take a course with someone else, hopefully nothing will go wrong with this one :)
In fact, this is the reply I received just now to my request for a refund :

"Thank you for for referring me to the DDR guidelines, but I ca can assure you that I am already very familiar with them.

As already explained, unfortunately, you are not entitled to a refund.

I attach our complaints procedure.

Kind regards, ..."

So although in retrospect I should have paid more attention to their emails, it wasn't like I wasn't taking the whole thing seriously, it took a lot of effort to physically get to the course, it means a lot to my children for me to be able to drive again, so I turned up in good faith but now feel like I have been mugged.
TTC prefer photo ID, but obviously some people do not have a passport and the driving licence is.......... well let's not mention that.
In that case we do accept other forms of ID. It is right that we have to ensure that the correct person completes the course, which is why we also ask questions about you and the offence to double check ID.

I dont have any photo ID (passport expired, and they will be taking away my license).

Will utility bills be a viable option?

Please help! Thanks
Te procedure with TTC is that we will accept a couple of utility bills or other documents in the clients name, if they do not have a passport.
It is best to contact the office to say that this will be the case, and the Office staff will note it on the paperwork for the trainer.
You said you had an expired passport, this is probably preferable to just a document with your name on as there is still a photo to see, even if old.
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