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Depression and drink driving


New member
I was caught drink driving and then whilst on bail, caught again.
I recognise I have a problem with depression and anxiety and abusing alcohol to stop the panic attacks - being caught the first time sent me into a terrible spiral which led to the second offence.
Since the second incident I have been to see my doctor who has given me anxiety medication and I am scheduled for counciling.
I am due to be at one police station on June 7th and the second on July 9th.
What should I do next?
I am desperate.

At the moment the police are probably investigating the offences alleged or receiving charging advice from the Crown Prosecution Service. Other than wait until July to find out whether or not you will be charged there is nothing you can do.

If you are charged with both offences, you should appoint a solicitor as a matter of urgency.

Without wishing to frighten you, you need to be aware that if you are convicted of committing a second drink drive (in a short period of time from the first and whilst on bail) the Court will consider whether or not to send you to prison. It is essential that if you are charged you are represented in order to reduce your chances of receiving a custodial sentence if convicted.

Whereabouts in the country are you based? We are specialist motoring lawyers with particular expertise in representing motorists. We offer our services on a privately paying basis and often at a fixed fee.

We have represented many motorists in your postion and been successful in keeping them out of prison. If you wanted to have an initial chat with us please do not hesitate to contact us. As part of our service we would be able to come with you to the police station for free if you were interested.