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Derek Wilton

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I was banned from Driving at the beginning of the month for 18 months, and I was offered the DDRS which I accepted.
I have received my notice about reduction in disqualification from court, it says "The court has disqualified you for 18 month(s) but has agreed to shorten your disqualification by 18 months if you satisfactorily complete an approved course by 12th January 2021"

Does that mean I can reapply for my license straight away if I comple the DDRS? From what I've read online 25% appears to be the standard reduction, however the gov website does state "The ban is usually reduced by a quarter." Does that mean it can be reduced more than that?

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TTC Group
The letter is clearly wrong, it is meant to say 18 weeks and that is what will be applied to your ban if you complete the course.
The reductions are set in law as 3 months for a 12 month ban and UP TO 25% for bans above that. You can be sure that DVLA have the correct length of reduction recorded against your driving licence.

C J 1980

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Clearly an error by the court - it is 18 WEEKS!!!

I would contact the court and just kindly point this out to them.

Derek Wilton

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Thank you for the replies.
I did find it very unlikely they'd remove a ban just for going to Rehab, but best to check anyway.

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