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DD charge - breath test only


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Hi I have been charged with Drink Driving having failed 2 breath tests but they didn't offer or do a urine test and couldn't get any blood. Whilst waiting by the roadside for the Police and ambulance (45mins) I had something to drink and smoked. Where does this stand?
For any drink driving offence, you are legally required to provide a specimen. This can be a breath specimen, a urine sample or blood sample.

Despite there being three options, the police are not obliged to let you choose one of the three. If they require you to provide a breath specimen, you must provide a breath specimen unless there is a medical reason for you being unable to satisfy the machine.

Have you been charged with failing to provide a specimen or drink driving? My advice will differ depending ion the exact charge. You can find this information on the charge sheet you will have been given on your release form custody.