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can anyone give me a timescale at present time of how long dvla are taking to assess a revoked licence on medical grounds, my revoke was because of brain tumor but after 12 months my Doctor said I was ok to drive so sent application in October they replied early December to ask for Doctors report he sent it Mid December I have heard nothing since, I have phoned twice but they will not give a timescale, is any one else waiting ?


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So to be not really helpful Steve but how long is a piece of string? Just keep ringing them and ask them if they've at least got the info they need from your doctor. If they haven't chase your gp as it may have got lost. Best time to get through is either first thing or just before they close usually. If you don't get anywhere a lot of folk on here at their wits end email a bloke called Tim Burton at DVLA and usually they then get answers pretty quickly. Hope that assists you a bit and good luck fella