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I got caught on camera in May for driving 36 at Chelsea Embankment. I acknowledged that I was speeding and sent a cheque and driving licence off as acceptance.

I have received my driving licence back with the 3 points but the cheque got bounced as it hit my account at the same time as something else. I had anticipated that the police would write and request a further payment instead I got a summons to appear at Lavender Hill Magistrates this month, which I believe is a mix up as it is all about the speeding which I have already received the points for?

I really need some assistance as to what to do please.

It is odd for the Court to have issued a summons for the original offence if your driving licence has already been endorsed with the 3 penalty points. Normally if the money does not clear your licence will be returned to you without any points having been endorsed. I would suggest calling the Court to explain the situation and ask how they wish for you to proceed in light of the fact that your licence has already been endorsed.
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