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I was disqualified from driving some 17 years ago, I never bothered to apply for my licence back as I suffered with severe depression, I was not dependant on alcohol but did use it out of boredom and to suppress stuff and cope with life, I have when been drinking contacted the out of hours mental health team for suicidal feelings which were worse after my mother passed away two years ago, I have only just dealt with it and started to get my life back on track, I saw the doctor the other and have asked to go for an updated blood test as my last one was last July, I explained to him that I would be applying for my licence back in June and I would not have had a drink in 6 months by then, he advised me that although I was drinking a lot it wasn't heavy alcohol and my last blood test was normal regarding white and red blood cells and said there should not really be any problem, he also advised that if they contacted them they would only say that as far as they are aware I have abstained from alcohol, any ways could some one please tell me how much the medical assessment is as I can not seem to find this out any where. thanks
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