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Hi all, OK so I'm classed as an HRO. Second DR10 in a ten year period. My ban is due to end 8/12/2022 so not long to go. I'm also an HGV Class 1 driver. I understood the application process would start 90 days prior to my disqualification ending. Meaning, I always thought my journey would begin 8/9/2022.
I spoke to DVLA yesterday 5/8/2022 during the call, they advised me I'd miscalculated, as the forms were already en route to me. They mean 90 working days. So the process start date is 8/8/2022. Follow? Not sure I do, but hey ho...Good news, I think. But then, even though I'm an HGV driver, I'd always assumed that I'd apply with a D1 form, as I'd only be entitled to apply for my car licence first. Then it would be a separate process to apply for the D2 HGV Vocational licence once I'd successfully gained my car licence. At which point I'd be summoned by the Traffic commissioner to explain my circumstances etc at which point they have a range of options available to them, to decide when I could drive a truck again. Most likely making me wait a further 1-3 months. DVLA however have advises me there is no need to apply for a D1 and the forms being sent out are the D2 because I have HGV entitlement?
Personally, from everything I've understood, I think this information is inaccurate. And I'm worried this may elongate an already convoluted process. If anyone can shed any light on this, I'd greatly appreciate it.
Thanks all.
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