Hi my friend had a crash last week and they were under the infuence of alcohol the crash made him unconcious n he was took too hospital they knew he had been drink driving but he wasnt arrested or anything ... he refused a blood to be took for a sample because he doesnt like needles so he offered to do a breathaliser which the officer refused to let him do after this the officersswapped shifts with another 2 after his cat scan results came back fine the officers just drove him home no arrest nothing were just really confused as to what could be going on we havnt heard anything from the police and its been just over a week does this mean somethings gone wrong there end and thats it ? No charges ? Please help
It may be that your friend is being considered for an allegation of failing to provide a specimen. There is no facility to provide an evidential breath specimen at the hospital so the next step, if the police accepted that your friend had a legitimate needle phobia, should have been for a urine sample to be obtained. It sounds like that did not happen? Without knowing the facts it is not possible to be definitive but it appears that police will potentially charge you with failing to provide a specimen of blood. This sort of case can involve a complicated procedural process for the officers to comply with, particularly given that your friend was knocked out. I would recommend speaking with a solicitor over the phone to discuss the circumstances of the procedure in more detail. You can contact one of our team on 0333 009 5518.
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