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In 2016 I was caught for drink driving.

I got fine, 100 hours of community service and 2 years of ban (reduced 25%)

I would like to change job now and Im not sure when my conviction will be spent. After 5 or 11 years?

And after what time I dont need to disclosure it?

I will be grateful for any help!
Five years from date of conviction it is spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, so you don't have to declare for any job that isn't on the RoA's exemption list as they can only do a basic check (the exemptions are typically jobs with vulnerable people, qualified professionals...etc who can request a Standard or Enhanced DBS check).

After 11 years, assuming you have no other convictions, it should be automatically filtered from DBS Certificates (even the enhanced ones) so you do not have to disclose at all in theory, unless it was for something like the Police say which would conduct a security check so it would come up, and there are other instances.

If you need more info on the exact specifics, this website I always found pretty good:

Best of luck with the new job search.


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My drink drive conviction shows up on DBS checks despite it being my only conviction.
I have been turned down from many job applications because if this.

I don't understand why.

John Milton.
This was discussed in a thread that you started back in October last year, and I gave the following advice, that related to one job, it seems to have happened again if you have been turned down for “many Jobs”. I would be shocked to find someone being turned down for even driving jobs for a 40 year old drink driving conviction.
did you follow up on this?.....
Due care and attention is not a criminal conviction so should not show up anyway, and would not be the reason for the drink driving still showing.
if you are really keen on this job, you could try a complaint to DBS, the link is here:

Then approach the council again with a clear DBS. You might want to d9 this anyway, in case it has an effect on a future job application. Note that the complaint has to be within 3 months of the certificate being issued.



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Hi Mr Price and thanks for your reply.
I didn't follow it up.
Because governments seem to consider convicted drivers who haven't had an accident in 40 years
are a danger on the roads I have given up applying for work.
I will happily continue to claim benefits due to government records being messed up.
I will not contact the government to help them sort out the mess they have created.
I will leave it to the government to sort their own mess out.

John Milton.
Many jobs do not require a DBS check, and even the ones that do are unlikely to bar an employee for a 30 year old drink driving conviction.
We had a lady on here about 15 months ago who was sacked as a teacher at a school because of being convicted of drink driving. She reported how she gained employment 6 weeks later at another school after declaring the conviction and explaining the circumstances.
i regularly meet people on the drink drive courses who have been sacked after their conviction but have quickly found other work while still banned, - but not driving obviously!
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