Completed course, received certificate, DVLA shows no reduction in ban yet?


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Hi, I got 24 month ban in August 2018. I got offered to do the course which would result in a 25% reduction - meaning Feb ‘20. I did the course with TTC and i found it useful and informative.

I received my 2 copies of certificates of completion after I completed the course in Late November (I wanted to get it over with asap).

I have checked on the DVLA website and my ban hasn’t been reduced to February and still says August.

The information in the letter received from TTC says I need to send my copy of the certificate off at the ‘appropriate time’. I don’t know when this is.

I know that the DVLA will contact me 90 Days before my ban ends (HRO) but this should be 90 Days before my reduced ban and not August.

When should I send the certificate and should the DVLA already be informed?

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated
You should get a form D1 from the post office straight away and send it off with the correct fee (£90) to DVLA. Send one copy of the certificate with your application. If the court have not notified DVLA that will trigger them to check with the court that your ban has been reduced. You have lost a lot of the 90 days already as the application should have been made in November. DVLA would not write to you about applying because their system is set up to send the letters out just 90 days before the end of the ban - and presumably they were not notified by the court until early December. They do not sent out the form “because 90 days was 10 days ago.”
I had this problem to...contacted the courts and they were useless then contacted TTC and they sent certificate to DVLA and my online DVLA info was updated about 3 weeks later to show the reduction...don't panic as it will be sorted.
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