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Charged with failure to provide a specimen for analysis

Im facing a trial on feb22 for failing to provide a specimen.
I was pulled over by police at around midnight I was initially shot with a police taser and badly treated from police .

I was taken to police station around 2 hours later I arrived at custody .
At this point I had the taser barb still lodged in my hip
The police quickly moved on to the intox procedure. I was never taken near the intox machine not even in the same room .

I was not compliant with the police so they threw me in the cell still with the taser barb lodged in hip no after care procedure was given until 3 hours later when I removed the barb and handed it back to police.
I was taken to hospital immediately.
I was brought back and charged with failure to provide a specimen.
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The most commonly used defence to an allegation of failing to provide a specimen is to present a medical reason as to why that couldn't be done. That would usually involve you at least making an attempt to blow in. You case is unusually and there are various issues that will need to be considered in more detail before prospects of successfully defending the matter can be assessed. It may be that there is an argument that you were unfit to be detained and processed at the time of the request however a thorough investigation will need to take place. Please contact a specialist on 03330093815.
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