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Charged with drink/driving.


I have been charged by post, with drink/driving after having a blood alcohol reading of 111(Does the time and date need to be on the sample?),and was wondering if it’s worth having a solicitor as I will plead guilty.
Im a single parent who works part time,so can’t really afford a solicitor,but if it’s worth having one I would.
Also,what type of sentence am I looking at,as it’s my first offence.



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Details of offence as provided by you:

  • Specimen Type: blood
  • Alcohol Level: between 81 and 137
  • No previous drink driving related convictions within the proceeding 10 years
  • You have not been disqualified two or more times for 56 days or more within the proceeding 3 years
Based on the information you provided above, upon conviction of driving with excess alcohol, Magistrates' sentencing guidelines suggest:

Drink Driving Rehabilitation Course
All courts usually offer first time offenders the opportunity to take the drink driving rehabilitation course. A court may allow an offender to take the course a second time where there is a good reason to do so. Offenders will not usually be offered a chance to take the course for a third time. Completing the course can reduce any disqualification period imposed by up to 25%.

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