Charged with drink driving. Court case in two weeks

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I would really appreciate some advice and guidance. I have been worrying a lot and need to get myself prepared.

Just before Christmas I was stopped by the police. I was driving without my lights fully on, the car had been in the garage and the auto lights were turned off.

firstly, I am guilty, I don’t contest the charge. I was fully compliant and was not driving erratically. I blew 91 which I appreciate is high. I know that I have done a bad thing and I accept whatever punishment comes my way.

That said, there are several factors which led me to be drunk in charge of a vehicle. I have been struggling with anxiety/depression/alcohol issues on and off for a number of years. Recently this took a downturn due to pressure at work and working from home. I had reached out for counselling and was waiting for support.

The weekend I was stopped was the first anniversary of my fathers death and I was unable to spend it with the rest of my family. I had been pub hopping throughout the day ’escaping‘ from the emotional issues I was experiencing. This really is out of character and will create a lot of difficulty for me work wise. lts a first offence and bar 1 or 2 speeding offences I have had a clean license for 30 years.

since conviction, I have joined a sobriety group and remain sober, I have counselling scheduled in and am making positive lifestyle changes. Like I said, I’m not condoning my actions. I just would like any advice and guidance bearing all the above in mind.

I think it’s wise to instruct a solicitor. Would it be worth sharing the above and would it be considered by the magistrates ?


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My solicitor has asked me to supply any mitigating factors and supporting character reference letters from professional friends or people that know me.

I blew a 41 the day after drinking I am unsure yet if anything will be taken into account but I understand where you are at I lost my mum in July past she took a massive stroke after 2nd Covid Vaccine 💔
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