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Charged for 5(1)(a) after minor parking incident

stacey adams

New member
I am 41 years old and this is my first ever car accident let alone drink driving offence.
I live in a rural village with parents as i help support my mum who cares for my disabled dad (i also take them to doctors appointments and collect shopping and prescriptions etc. Work 15 miles away (been employed full time since 16 and with my current company for 20 years).
I had 2 drinks then a non-alcoholic beer (hadnt eaten) then drove 4.5 miles down a 'B' country road to a friends house (birthday party), i bumped a car whilst reversing to park in the residential car park (which caused a 1 inch scratch to parked cars bumper), owner came out and i apologized and gave him my name/address and insurance company. He subsequently spotted a case of lager in the foot-well of my car (was taking to the party) and automatically called the police which led me to being arrested in the car park and charged.
I honestly did not believe that i was illegal to drive and regret ever leaving my house that evening.
Will the magistrates take into consideration that ultimately if i lose my licence, i will be on unemployment for the foreseeable future as living where i do there is no other means of transportation to get to surrounding towns/villages and ultimately without a job i will struggle to pay any fine i might received.

One honest misjudgment/mistake is going to ruin me.

God knows what is going on with the car insurance claim either, havent heard anything from my insurance company and i havent any details of the car i bumped as the police took it all
So stressed right not
Unfortunately this type of offence is one where you do not have to set out with the intention of driving whilst over the limit for the offence to be made out. This offence, upon conviction, carries a mandatory driving ban of a minimum of 12 months. The court will consider your personal circumstances but to the extent that it may minimise the penalty to the lowest possible ban within the guidelines.