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Hi there, on Saturday 22/6/19 I was caught drink driving on my way home... I blew 104 and I have Court in the 23/7/2019.. I’m ever so worried about it all and it’s the only thing on my mind... can anyone give me any advise as this is my first driving conviction I have a criminal record from over 8 years ago and have now got a full time job my own flat I have already made arrangements to get to work as I know my license will be taken away

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Magistrates sentencing guidelines suggest a driving disqualification of between 23 and 28 months and a low to high level community order when convicted of drink driving with a breath alcohol level anywhere between 90 and 119.

You will be classed as a high risk offender as the level of alcohol in your system at the time of the offence exceeded 87.5 mg per 100 ml of breath. This means you will need to take and pass a DVLA medical before the DVLA will issue you with a driving licence once your disqualification has ended.


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Hi Andrew
As per say sentencing guidelines will decide your ban, however you can reach the lower end brackets with Character references etc, the courts very unlikely to take your conviction 8 years ago unless it was serious an the prosecution deemed it relavent again unlikely .
So long as you can keep your Job lesson learned

Advice! HRO keep in contact with your own doctor roughly every 4mths allow him/her to know you have no issues
When your ban is 3mths from ending a DVLA medical will be required it's not always just about passing it's sometimes about satisfying!
Hi Graig, my last conviction was a common assault and I was given community service and a fine all the way back in 2011. Any ideas of who would be appropriate for a character reference?


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Any 3rd party can give a reference friends employer community , suppose the judges eye you give remorse an bothered , first offender if not offered ensure you or your solicitor asks for DD awareness course which will knock 25pcnt from any ban you will receive

104 is very high do not even try mitagate
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Am not a good scroller but there was 2 posts back here gave templates to Judge character , nobody admits to using templates even in Job applications it doesn't mean you give less leffort


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Okay thank you all of this advise is amazing
All whom post been here Andrew I would estimate 99.8pcnt done DD made the same mistake unlikely to repeat but it's one hell of a journey from cells to finding yourself back into family then courage to face friends family then employment! Not very nice any way shape or form.
But everyone can make a mistake just never make that 1 again learn


It does get better Andrew but takes time...I like others here have posted my experience on this forum so take a look as it may give you some hope and perspective.