Caught DUI Spain - what next ?


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Regretfully I have been caught DUI in the Cadiz area. I crashed my hire car into a roundabout. The police came and cordoned off the area until a tow truck came. I was breathlysed but did t really get too much feedback from the Police. I wasn’t arrested. My question is what happens next ? This is my first offence in Spain .


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This is a grey area until BREXIT is sorted out....
Assuming you were over the Spanish legal limit (which is 22 in breath or 50 in blood) At the moment Spain could ask that you be prosecuted in this country for the drink driving offence. If we leave with a deal this is likely to continue, no deal and that procedure will probably go.
If you are thinking of returning to Spain, then you might find yourself being arrested on arrival if the case is not dealt with as a warrant will have been issued for you......