caught drink driving

I'm 20 years old, and almost had my license for 2 years, stupidly last night I tried to move my car out of a zone which was a max 2 hour stay, and was pulled by the police immediately, i blew a 84 at the station. I'm in the military and obviously need my car to be able to get home, I pay for my car monthly and I'm just wondering if there's any chance of me getting to keep my driving license. I'll already be getting a promotion ban at work and have many other consequences for my actions, and i just have no idea what to do, I know you shouldn't drink drive but i stupidly thpught moving my car down the road to avoid a ticket was a good idea, I had literally moved 5 meters when then caught me. is there any hope ? and can o help my situation ? thanks.
Drink driving is an offence that carries a mandatory driving ban unless you can convince the court that there was a special reason for driving whilst over the limit. In your case the argument would have to centre on the fact that you intended to only move the vehicle a very short distance. The case law is clear on this point in that the distance is not the only factor. Firstly, it would have to be established that the vehicle would have only been driven a couple of hundred meters as a maximum and that there was no intention or likelihood of driving further. The court would also consider other factors such as the level of alcohol in your system at the time, the reason for moving the vehicle and the circumstances of your surroundings including risk of coming into contact with pedestrians or other vehicles.

A reading of 84µg of alcohol per 100ml of breath is above what would usually be considered reasonable to allow a special reasons argument of this type and the reason for driving may be considered by some magistrates' as insufficient to warrant driving whilst at that level of alcohol, albeit for a short distance. I would certainly recommend that you obtain specialist advice form solicitors who deal with this type of case. You can contact a specialist on 0333 323 3727
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