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Caught Drink Driving in Holland


New member
Hi, I was recently caught drink driving in Holland whilst on holiday - yes, very stupid.
Fortunately (?), I was only fined (500 euro's), no ban, no court, no license revoked or points on the license.
I was just wondering if this affects my insurance in the UK, and do I need to inform the insurance company ?
Any advice welcome, thanks.


TTC Group
You should inform your insurance company of "all material facts" for them to assess the risk that you pose.
In this case, however, I think it is stretching things a bit far to expect you to disclose this conviction when it is abroad, and carried no points or a ban. There is no reciprocal arrangements with Holland so the conviction would not be reported to the UK.


New member
Many thanks for that, was worried that my insurance would be invalid if I didn't report the fine to them, but if you say there is no sharing of info between Holland and the UK, and no points or a ban, I'll leave it for now.