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caught by drinking and driving, what will happen to a car?

Hi there,

I have been caught by driving (after 3 beers), so they took the car. What will happen to the car? The car is old, and not worth than 700£.

If I don't want to take the car back, will they charge me for the parking or they will take to the scrap yard without charging me?



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It's very unusual for them to remove the car for a straight forward DUI# IS there anything else like previous convictions or was there an accident# otherwise u just been unlucky and bumped into a t$$
Perhaps, guys, you know this.

I have passed my lorry driver license outside the UK (many years ago) and exchanged from EU to UK license 5 years ago with all additional categories. But now due ban I don't have a license anymore. The ban applies only to the UK or for all EU countries?
A ban here is also recognised by the Isle of Man, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. Beyond that you are not disqualified BUT, to drive in other countries in the world, you must be the holder of a U.K. licence entitling you to drive here. As you are banned here then you cannot do that. You would be driving without a licence or insurance.
So the answer is in 2 parts:
1. Am I banned abroad? ..... no, except for the areas listed above.
2. Can I drive abroad while disqualified? . ...... no!
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