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I have been banned for 16 months and get my licence back August 19th 2020 ive had arrears with them company now found out car isn't insured no tax/mot and sorn as I
can't drive due to ban only person in fam with a car licence i plan to insure/tax/mot it the day my licence comes back but this is breaching there terms /conditions and there concerned about the condition of the vehicle which is other then not being driven is perfect

i really dont want to sell the car nor give it up as im unemployed and getting my car licence back means i can job search further afield also i mentioned my diagnosed by gp severe depression which has given me 30 days grace meaning il have the licence/tax/mot etc sorted and they will look reassess as they only look at circumstances at that point in time for some reason
i have done the following:
offered to get car insured immediatly
pay off arrears owed of £470 because i cant come up with settlement of figure of £5k plus
they have refused this saying that there more concerned about the condition of the vehicle is there anything i can do