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Hello Martin and to anyone else who may be able and willing to help

I recently got stopped and I failed a Drugs swab with a 'faint' line. I was then arrested and taken to the station where I received a blood test for which I now wait the results of. I had smoked a joint around 2 hours prior to being stopped and around 3 hours before having my blood taken.

Could you please give me some information as to what stance I should take? I feel that l will more than likely be over the legal limit when the blood results come in. I wasn't given any information on local testing facilities that will test my blood sample nor was I told how to store my sample.

It is my first year driving, I have no previous criminal convictions and the ongoing backlash financially that will occur if I am banned i.e. insurance premiums, no transport to work, criminal record, loss of job + earnings and lack of future employment due to the criminal record, the list goes on as you know. This will be crippling and I can already anticipate the pressure and strain this will put on me.

Am i entitled to any form of legal aid during this procedure? I.e. someone to read an opening statement for me and present a case of defense, present some mitigating factors?

Could you give me an idea as to what the end result looks like for me given the information ive provided and what approach I should take moving forward?

Thank you so much for your time,

Kindest Regards



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Hello Martin,

Thank you so much for your swift response.

Thank you for all that you and your team do. I shall patiently await my blood test results and will be back in touch and take things from there. Until then I shall hope and pray a miracle happens. Thank you again

All the best

Kind Regards

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