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Hello everyone, so story is i had an early morning accident back in dec 2018 and was over the limit, hit a parked car. Obviously got banned ( DR10 and im HRO ) and the other driver claimed on my insurance which was all paid out and sorted. My insurance company I remember then told me my policy was cancelled.

Roll on to now and I have my license back been getting quotes now when I put the dr10 and claim details in I get quotes of 300-400 but clicking the has my insurance ever been cancelled outside it up to 1000, is this right? And i don't understand why my insurance was cancelled anyway as from what I've read it gets cancelled for fraud, mis-representation or missed payments none of these I came under.

Can I challenge this at all ?


Just to add from what I've read online, people have said its the insurance companies wording meaning as the car was written off and a claim made then insurance policy has finished/completed rather than cancelled in terms of having to declare it

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Good Morning Jamieb977,

When it comes to insurers they have a list of criteria which impacts the premiums and previous cancelled policies is one which is why you are seeing a difference in rates.

If you can find out the exact reason behind your insurers cancelling your old policy you can the ring and speak to any perspective insurers and explain the situation to them. Based on the reasons behind the cancellation some insurers will not class it as a cancelled policy. With online quotations it is always best to give the insurers a ring a speak to someone to ensure all details are accurate and correct and then you can give explanations to certain questions that are not a simply yes or no.

Hope this helps.

Many Thanks


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A bit of an old thread this one I know, but an interesting one for me, even more so than before.

When I was initially banned last May (Non-HRO) I called my Building and Contents insurer to check if I would be covered now I had DR10. They called me back about 15 mins later to say the underwriter had immediately cancelled my policy. Fortunately I found another company via a comparison site who couldn't care less and the premium was comparable to my previous. Just very frustrating that by me actually offering the information THEY cancelled the policy without ME having the opportunity to cancel with them, meaning I now have to tick 'that' box on the online form.

In the next 2 - 3 weeks I will be starting to look for car insurance again so it will be interesting to see how it will be affected - I am very aware of course that the DR10 itself may well make a difference. Somewhat fortunately though, its an old car so that will help !
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