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Study sponsored by Department of Transport looking for people who have been caught drink driving to take part in telephone interview. More details here.

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Can anyone advise please?


New member
My husband was banned for a year last year for drink driving and was given a fine and a year ban, He re-applied for his licence and was told he needed a medical which he has done at £100 cost then, today has received a provisional licence now when in court there was no advice to have to re-sit his test so is this normal procedure. Or do we fight against this for him to have a full licence? Thanks in advance.

Michael Lyon

Road Traffic Solicitor (Scotland)

Under certain circumstances, such as a reading far in excess of the prescribed limit, DVLA can class someone as a "High Risk Offender". As a consequence, they require medical certification of someone's fitness to drive prior to the return of their entitlement. Please note that this procedure is separate from the judicial system and is entirely a matter between the driver and DVLA.

I would suggest that contact is made with DVLA to clarify the situation so that your husband can return to driving as soon as possible.

Wishing you all the best,

Michael Lyon


New member
Thanks. so looks like he does have to re-sit his test :( how what a nightmare this all is. Thanks for a speedy reply.