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Camic machine time stamp.


New member
Hi, my wife has had a recent conviction for DD for an alleged offence 9 months ago.
I was a bit perturbed when I got case notes after and discovered there was a discrepancy with the time on the evidential readings from the camic machine. The police officer added that the time had not been change to BST so was an hour out, surely they can't use this as evidence?
When you get breathalysed the machine calibrates itself between each sample you give and that is the most important thing which shows the machine is giving accurate readings, not a time stamp. In addition you would have had CCTV being able to verify the actual times and the word of the police to back that up. If she already has the conviction one of two things have happened, 1- she pleaded guilty, if this is the case you can not go back to the court months later for such a minor irrelevant discrepancy which has already been explained by the police and say you want to change you plea because you think you have found something to argue over. If she plead guilty she admitted she did the crime so the time of a machine isn't relevant. 2- she pleaded not guilty and the evidence was deemed admissible and accepted by the judge and the court found against your wife. My advice is to accept what has happened and learn from it, stop trying to change the past over such tiny insignificant details you've found scribbled down somewhere on a case note in an attempt to save face. We all made a mistake and we have to learn from it, that starts at accepting what has happened. Stop trying to invent ways to go back and fix the problem so far down the line.


TTC Group
I agree with Regretful2017. Just to add that the time for an appeal is 21 days from conviction, if she pleaded not guilty. If she pleaded guilty then she cannot now appeal on such a minor point that was properly explained by the officer.