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Breathalyser Test shows incorrect time of test


New member
I’ve been caught with a reading of 56mg in both tests however on my readout that I have been given the time is incorrect.. I was stopped at 2.05am didn’t get to station and on the machine until gone 3am but the readout shows 1.42am and 1.45am? Also I didn’t sign a copy of this either can it be used in court or is it enough to get off with? I’m not convinced machine was correct as when I did another test at 6am before being released I only blew 16mg which seems a massive difference in less that 3 hours? Can you advise.. I’d be very grateful. Donna
There is a presumption that the machine is working correctly unless established otherwise as part of any defence. Incorrect timings on the printout are not, alone, definitive indications of an unreliable reading. The reliability of the machine would need to be considered by an expert before an argument can be considered before the court. Often, the clock on the device has not been altered since the last change in time zone setting. This does not have an impact on the reliability. If the timing is wrong for any other reason, an expert can decide the relevant of that. A drop of 40µg in less than 3 hours is, on the face of it, unusual. Experts will tell us that an average drop is between 8µg and 10µg per hour. That is, again, something that would need to be considered with the assistance of an expert. You can contact one of our team on 0333 200 9843 should you wish to discuss further at this stage.