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Breathalyser test at police station below .40, released without charge.

Hello. I would like to receive an opinion on the below.

I have been stopped while driving my moped and asked to get a breathalyser test. I did so and it came out red. Police brought me to the station and took my specimen twice. The first one was 39 and the second 38. As a consequence, from what i understood, i was below the legal limit, and i have since been release without charge.

My question is: since i have been released without charge, but they still took my details when registering me at the station, will this stay on my record? I am concerned of two scenario: when I will apply for a new job (I work in finance), and when I will travel (for instance to the USA where you need the ESTA and they ask you if you have ever been arrested for drink driving).

My other question is: effectively, what are the consequences in My scenario, if there is any?

Whilst the drink driving limit in this country is 35µg of alcohol per 100ml of breath, the police will not prosecute for a reading produced below 40µg. As you have not been charged and subsequently prosecuted it is not something that will need to be declared. It will not show on a DBS check and should not affect you moving between countries.
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