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blow 43! not being asked about blood or urine!


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I was caught driving after I drink three or four beers, not pints, the last one was like 20 minutes before they stopped me, didn't hit anyone, I was just speeding to get home. When I got home , i start doing the moves to park my van backwards inside front porch , in that time the police car blocks my way of doing that ( they did't us blue lights, first time i'v seeing them was at that time, they told me after they chase me and a range rover who was speeding like me, but I did a left turn to get home, and the rover was continued to drive on same main road, that's, why they chose to stop me, maybe they thought that I'v saw them and try to lose them).
So far so good, I fail the breathing test on the road, in 10 minutes I was at the police station. Few questions from the sergeant, the main ones if I need a translator ( i'm a Romanian citizen) and if I need a solicitor. I say no, I admit that I drank few beers, 3 or 4, didn't know I was over the limit. After 15 minutes approximately they took me to breathalyzer room, the officer who was testing me asked me some questions after I blow 44 and 43, he says that the lowest reading will remain, I sign that long recipe, and he took me out back at the main entrance, as I waited like half an hour until someone else took me in a different room were he took my fingerprints , pictures..etc... like a proper criminal. After this last step, I stood about 45 minutes at main entrance waiting to be booked for a court day. And they were worried about they can't take my DNA because they don't have something, don't know what. My big question is that after I did the breathing test, they shod ask or offer me to do a blood or urine test? ( No one says nothing about it and I didn't know I can ask )
I'm fresh new in this criminal world, iv never see a police station from inside, I told them too because for mei was thought I'm in a movie, could not believing where I was. I have my driver license for 10 years, most of this time I was worked as a driver, never lose one point, never scratch a car, but on that night, a split second decision was the thing.
Do i have a chance in court or i will take the 12 months minimum and lose my job, by the way, I'm working as a driver that's why is very important to me. Thank you
The option to replace a specimen of breath with one of blood or urine where your reading is less that 50µg of alcohol in breath is no longer in force since 10 April 2015. This means that any procedural argument on that basis would not be successful. Your reading puts you in the lowest bracket for sentencing but a minimum 12 month ban would always follow if convicted. Your personal circumstances would not assist in attempting to convince the court to avoid a ban. You can investigate any other procedural issues that may help to defend your case but you would need to engage a specialist to go through this detailed process. You can contact a specialist on 0333 323 1107
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