Blew 42, but machine playing up and took bloods at hospital.


I was recently involved in an car accident and was breathalysed at 42. They were having problems with their macine and advised not to worry as bloods taken at hospital. They took bloods for analysis at the hospital to confirm and said that i will have to wait 6-8 weeks to see if it dropped was to 35. As my car was smashed in the accident, what should I tell my insurance company. It is not clear adn I dont want to say the the wrong think. I believe that I will not be covered if i am found to be over the limit, but wont know for 6-8 weeks?

Really love some help with this

Some insurance companies will refer to the mere presence of alcohol as being enough to invalidate the policy. This is dependent on the specific terms of the policy. You have to give your insurers the full detail of what they are asking for. It can have serious repercussions if you do not fully co-operate with your insurers. This is essentially an issue between you and your insurers.
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