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Blew 124


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I’m resigned to the fact I am in serious trouble. I’m terrified, ashamed, embarrassed.
I have anxiety and depression, but was not taking any meds. For reasons I don’t understand, I drove my car to a random place and fell asleep in it. First thing I know is being woken up by police, breathalyser, and blowing something over 100. Someone had reported me for erratic driving, and being asleep. I helped the police move my car as it has a security system that needs a PIN number. The arresting officer said since I was calm, he would let me ride in the front of the police car without cuffs. At the station my reading had gone up. It was 124 and this was about 5pm. Officer said he could not understand how I could even converse with him at this level. I was put in cell. They kept checking on me, offering food and drinks, and let me outside. They were very nice to me. Around midnight, the senior officer checked on me - he said he did not understand the breath results, as I did not “present” as drunk. Another none evidential test showed 69. A bit later I saw the duty solicitor. He told me to answer “no comment” to all questions apart from name/address/car details, which I did in a recorderd interview where I answered “guilty” and “no comment” to all questions relating to my driving. Around 3am they tested me again, and I bllew 19, so I was released to go and fetch my car, which I didn’t do until next morning. I’m in Court next week. The Duty Solicitor is representing me. I am devastated what I have done to my wife and family. The court case is only the beginning - I already have a guaranteed 24 month minimum ban, probably a lot more, and a high-level community order, if not prison. Then I lose my job. Then I lose my house. Then I lose my family. Then ...


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If anyone can make a reply - anything - it would help. I’ve reached the bottom and am struggling to cope. With over a week to go before court, I’m lost. I’ve been to Dr. I’ve joined an addition treatment group. I’ve sold my car already. But I hate myself and can’t see a way forward. Never been in trouble my whole life (50 years). I’m absolutely destroyed. And afraid.
The ban for your reading guideline is 29-36 months. The threshold for a custodial sentence is 120 but in my experience costody is seldom used for a reading like yours as a first offence. You can certainly expect a fine and community service.
it may be worth talking to your solicitor to see if he would make an approach to the prosecutor on the day about amending the charge. Depending on the evidence from the witness, and what question you said “guilty” to, he might be able to persuade the prosecutor to reduce the charge from drink driving to drunk in charge of a motor vehicle as the police only saw you parked up. This means that the guidelines for disqualification do not apply and the magistrates can use their discretion on how long to ban you, or even to not ban you but award 10 points instead.


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Presume that was meant to say addiction group!

Well done if your taking steps to quit alcohol this will be your only strength you going forward!
Like yourself I was in a similar situation in fact worse I was employed as professional driver and also instructed advanced driving, when the police stopped I vowed to quit forever as there was an alcohol issue*
With grit and determination I purchased a bike and made a commitment to get healthy enjoy outdoor pursuits and life without the poisin#
1 year latter I have my car licence back and awaiting decisions on heavy goods licence which should be back in post soon# so the moral is keep your chin up make commitments that will sort your life with your fammily for the better! As believe it or not I feel better now than before I was stopped and this only due to quitting Alcohol for good!!
Great place to join for support SR sober recovery take care
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Is there any way I Can get a driving license that would allow me to drive in Southern Ireland and or USA ? On the basis I won’t have a UK license for the next 2 to 3 years and I also work in those places?
Southern Ireland recognise British bans as we have a reciprocal agreement, so you cannot drive there no matter what licence you have, you are disqualified there.
In theory, if you are the holder of any foreign licence you would be allowed to drive in the USA, but many countries have residency requirements before you can apply for a licence, and of course you would have to take a test in a language you may not be familiar with. There is an EEC agreement that a person should not hold a licence is more than one member state so you would be bending the rules if you tried to get a provisional licence from any EEC country.
All the above seems to limit your options for what you hoped to do.


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I just posted a big update about what happened to me in Court, but it didn’t post (token error)
I’ll redo it tomorrow, but have a question in the mean time.
Pleadeded guilty to Drink Driving at 124. Got 30 months ban and 200 hours. Was very lucky not to go to prison.

Question is, Court did not mention either the need to retake my test, nor a DVLA medical exam. Does this mean I won’t have to do these, or will the DVLA inform me of this later due to being a high risk offender?

Sitting here contemplating how much I have ruined mine and my wife’s lives, and in pieces with guilt about how I could have killed someone.
A breath reading of 88 or more makes you a ‘High Risk Offender’ and means that you will have to do a medical before you get your licence back.DVLA will write to you confirming this in a couple of weeks time. They write, however, to the address they have on file for your driving licence, not the address you gave he Polic or the court so if that is out of date it will not arrive.
you do not have to retake your test for drink driving unless the court ordered you to do this during the sentencing part.


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Thanks price.
i just noticed you are TTC. I’ll be talking to your company eventually as I nominated them as my Rehab Course Provider.
Good choice!
The court will notify us of your conviction and we will write to you in 2-3 weeks time.
If you do not hear from us by then, ring us up to check that the court did in fact tell us.....0330 024 1805
If you are convicted of “drunk in charge” then the code is DR40. The code for drink driving is DR10.
DR20 is driving whilst unfit through drink, but that is only when the police do not have a sample and rely on other evidence of your impairment.


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DR10 it is then. Thanks.

if anyone is reading this, and is in a similar position and wants experiences, let me know. I’m happy to answer anything that I can relating to the whole experience I had.
It’s so overwhelming like you I had never been in trouble and have been lucky to keep my job and family. There is only forwards looking
I blew 103 and was banned for 27 months
I have 5 months left
My advice is do not continue drinking as this is the easiest trap to slip into particularly in the feeling sorry for ourselves state we get to.
Forward looking is the only way
Can’t change what is done
Best wishes to you


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Sorry for more questions - I have referred to the reapplying for license and vocational but, but I don’t understand it.
I had C1 grandfather rights and drove a Motorhome. You need C1 to drive a MH over 3.5 tonnes.
i understand that when I (eventually) get my license back it will only be for cars.
Will I be able to get my C1 back by applying? It’s not for working, it would be for Motorhome Touring. If I don’t get it back, would I be allowed to take the training and test for it? Is there anything I can do over the next 2 years ban to help get this back?

Im hoping that I’m not going to be banned from driving a large MH even when I get my car license back.
When you get your licence back, it will be for whatever was on your licence before your ban. The only exceptions are for ‘vocational licences’ for goods vehicles or PCV’s where it is referred to the traffic Commissioner for their opinion.
When you get your licence back, it will be for whatever was on your licence before your ban. The only exceptions are for ‘vocational licences’ for goods vehicles or PCV’s where it is referred to the traffic Commissioner for their opinion.
So, I will definitely get back my grandfathered C1 and can still drive an up to 7.5 tonne Motorhome?

Could I also ask another question? Should I be taking me off my wife’s car and the Motorhome insurance as a second driver since I no longer have a licence. I am already off my main car insurance since I sold it anyway.

thanks in advance for all your help.
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