Been caught for speeding, charged with drug driving.

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Hi there, on the 6th February Ive been stopped for speeding as i was doing around 30 in a 20 zone without realising. Then been found with a bit of cannabis and ketamine so a roadside test has been taken. I was positive for cannabis as I did smoke earlier that day, which lead to me being arrested. Ive only had my license for 10months and its my first conviction. At the station they took down all the details about me, after an hour i had my blood sample taken and everything. They said they will just do me for drug driving and not possession. Next day i had a duty free solicitor coming in and he advised me to say no comment to all the questions that been asked at the station as I cant deny anything. Then when I’ve been released I’ve found my car parked up on the oncoming traffic side on a red route near to where I have been stopped. Which lead to my car being damaged as someone has hit it due to it being illegally parked. What should I do?


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The limit for cannabis is 2µg per litre of blood. Given that you had consumed cannabis that day you would likely exceed the limit.

The minimum penalty for this type of offence is a 12 month ban together with a fine based on your income. The result of your blood test will likely take at least 6 weeks to come back but it could take anything up to 6 months for the charge to be laid. Legal aid for this sort of matter is based on your income and the likelihood of a prison sentence as a potential outcome upon sentence. For that to be a risk your reading would have to be extremely high. You should contact a solicitor once you have your results.
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