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Ban dates don't add up after course and deduction in ban


I was convicted of DD in march last year and therefore banned for 20 months as from 28th March. Reduced to 15 on completion the course, which I completed in November

I was of the assumption that my 15 months would run from 28th march 17- 28th June 2018. However, having checked online this evening it is showing as banned until 10th July.

Is there a reason for the or have I got confused somewhere along the line with the dates?

I think that what you will find is that the court offered you 20 weeks reduction if you did the course, rather than 5 months. This is about 12-14 days less than 5 months. More and more courts are doing this... one week per month which saves confusion with bans like 17 months and trying to divide by a quarter.
The legislation simply says that for a 12 month ban, it MUST be 3 months, but above that is is a MINIMUM of 3 months and UP TO a quarter off the ban for completing the course. I have seen someone with a 10 year ban offered 2 1/2 years off, and another with a 3 year ban only offered 6 months whereas it could have been up to 9 months.
Re: Ban dates don't add up?

Hi, The way they calculate it is 20 months would take you up to November 28th so less 20 weeks (25% reduction due to course) takes you to July 10th/11th.
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