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Back on the road - How does it feel?


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So, after what feels like an incredibly agonizing and difficult 9 months, I am back on the road. My license valid as of Thursday of last week, my new vehicle was dropped off on Friday and went for my first drive that evening.

For all those who have been through the shame of being arrested and spending a night in jail, the subsequent court case, the painful discussions with family and friends, and then the ban, how does it feel to finally gain some freedom again? Has it changed your views of drink driving at all? Has it changed your views of driving in general? I'd love to hear what others have to say about this.

For the last 9 months, I was convinced that once I got my license back. I would want to take my new car for the longest drive ever. I joked about taking my girlfriend to Cornwall. What surprises me now is actually I don't. Sure I've driven to work today which felt nice and I went for a supermarket run this weekend, but I've become so used to the various alternative means of transport that I don't feel 100% dependent on my car now. I went to a gig Saturday, and in the past, I might have driven and had 3 pints (or after some stupid mental gymnastics and food, even 4). I took a taxi there and back, and sure, it cost a bit more..... but I drank more, which resulted in me having a lot more fun (seeing as the music wasn't to my taste) and the whole experience was entirely guilt free. No car, no drink driving, no worry.

To me this further proves that there was no need for me to drink drive in the first place. How stupid was I? Purely my own ignorance. There were taxis I could have used that night. Trains I could have used if I'd been willing to leave the pub less than half an hour earlier. Furthermore, I could have taken the car out of the equation altogether by not driving in the first place.... just like Saturday. I'm amazed that it took such a terrible mistake to open my eyes in that regard.

I'm gutted that I will have 'drink driver' associated me..... probably for the rest of my life. However, I am so grateful that nobody was hurt in the accident I caused (other than my pride). Things could have been very different and yeah, I'm still remorseful for what I did. I wish I could rewind the clock and do things differently. I think I'll always feel dark inside when I drive past that corner.

However, I'm through the hardest part...... now I'm at the easiest part, not doing it again..... I've not drunk driven in 9 months and 4 days and still been to gigs, football, the pub, work dos etc.... just shows I didn't need to do it in the first place.


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I've yet to get my license back, boy long hopefully!
I've learned an awful lot though, I found the alcohol awareness course very interesting and helpful and already track my units on a weekly basis, I also track my husbands so I know when he's safe to drive!
My children and I now walk to school daily when we used to take the cat and I think I'll definitely keep that up, it gives the children such a good start to their day and we enjoy the walk home together so we can catch up on our day before we jump back on the hamster wheel.
I'm feeling fairly pensive now that I'm due to be driving again in a few weeks, learned a few hard lessons but also gained so much in terms of friendships and seeing the genuine good in humanity!!
I'm in love with my Fitbit and wouldn't trade my 25k steps a day for behind the wheel! Although it will be nice to be able to nip to the supermarket when I've run out of something! We live quite rurally 😫
Congratulations on getting your license back. Drive safe!!!


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A good lesson only has a positive outcome(s), apply the positive aspects of what you have learned over the negatives and from there you can never stop improving. The way I look at it is I didn't kill someone, from that brings a great sense of happiness. In a sense we're all selfish in that we always think about ourselves first no matter how selfless you consider yourself - 'glad I didn't go to prison'.
I've been back behind the wheel for 7 months now. It's been a great relief to be driving again as I live in quite a rural location with a very limited bus service.

With that said, I would never, ever touch a drop of alcohol before driving now. I rarely touch alcohol these days and thinking back on that night I was caught only serves to reinforce how I can never put myself (or other people) in that position again.
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