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Hello, I was soon to get married and bought a car to fix up my now wife's favorate car, a Audi tt, it was fixed and booked in for a mot it broke down in a very scary and dangerous possision on a dual carriage way. The night before hand I have smoked two small smokes with freinds in a stag do. And on the side of the road I smoked another awaiting recovery as I knew the car was iMobile and couldn't be driven, it was toad to a laybay by the highway officer, then the police came and questioned me with a swab test to what I failed, I then went to the police station for blood sample and questioning, I didn't tell them about having one on the side of the road as I was trying to see if I could get the car fixed for the wedding car, and didn't want it impounded. I have tried to get the CCTV footage of a traffic can of me smoking on the side of the road but haven't received anything off them when they are supposed to respond within 30 days on the freedom if information act. and have a court date on the 22nd of this month, I really could do without loosing license as I commute 20 miles to work in rural Wales, public transport is a night mare and I may even loose my job if disqualified, I'm the sole bread a d butter for the family have no previous conviction have never been stopped etc. Is there any possible chance I could offer to pay a larger fine or offer to do weekly drug tests etc to try and avoid a ban? Thanks, or is there anything I can do to try and avoid a ban at all
If you have been charged with driving with excess drugs then the only was to avoid losing your licence will be to defend the matter. Asking the court to consider the impact any ban will have on you will not avoid a ban, unfortunately. In your case, a potential defence will be one of post incident consumption. The onus would be on your to prove that you would not have been over the legal limit were it not for the cannabis consumed at the roadside (after driving). You would need the court to accept that you smoked after driving and that was the reason you were over the limit. An forensic toxicologist would need to assist with this argument and would need to consider the timings involved in your consumption amongst other matters. This is much more difficult to establish in a drug case t=rather than an alcohol case. You can speak with one of our specialist team to discuss further options on 0333 344 4772.
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