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Australia ETA with DUI


New member
I am planning a trip to Asia, leaving 1st November and will be heading to Australia Jan 2011.
I have a drink driving conviction from 4 years ago where i received a 12 month ban and fine. Worried about what visa i should apply for i contacted Australian House in London, advised them of my conviction who advised that a person can travel to Australia with a ETA if they do not have a criminal conviction that resulted in a 12 month sentence. I asked them to confirm whether the sentence referred to prison, or would a driving ban count. In response, they confirmed it referred to prison. However, advised that is i was uncertain and wanted to be safe, i could apply for a 676 visa, declare my conviction and feel a bit more relaxes about it.
My problem is that i leave the UK in 4 weeks, i don't want to start the process of apply for a 676, having to obtain police checks etc....if it takes longer that 4 week, if it;s not necessary?
Does anyone have any experience on traveling to Oz with a ETA and drink driving conviction? Or, applying for a 676 with a drink driving conviction?