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At a loss what to do...

Andy W

New member
Here's a fairly long thread (apologies), but I believe all the detail is relevant and am in need of advice having never been in this situation before. The process seems to have holes all over it and I'm hoping for your help.

The situation happened to my 18 year old son on the evening of Sunday 6th September and he has his court case in Oxford on 6th October.

This is his statement to me:

After work at 9:30 pm we were celebrating a work mates last shift so we’re going to have some leaving drinks. At the George and dragon where I work I had one pint of Lager. After this I drove to the star in Woodstock where I had another pint of lager at 11 pm.

After this I drove to Wetherspoons in Witney where I ordered a drink but didn’t drink it because I knew it may put me over the limit. I did however have 1 shot of cherry sourz at around 11:50/just before the pub closed at 12.

I then knew that drinking would probably continue after we left spoons so to avoid driving over the limit and getting a parking ticket I moved my car from outside Wetherspoons to The Leys park/green 100 metres down the road. I drove my car with the understanding that one unit of alcohol gets processed through by the liver per hour so the first and second pint that I had would’ve been and gone by the time I drove. When we got to the leys me and Danny who was with me met the rest of our colleagues at the green. I had a few sips of other people’s drinks but did not have my own. From here we went to the park and sat and spoke and chilled out for an hour.

Next an American man called Cal who we met earlier in the night said he needed to get back to the hotel he was staying at but didn’t know where it was as he isn’t local to the area. Our group said we would walk him to his hotel. Because of this I wanted to get my cigarettes from my car so walked up to my car with Danny. I did also want to charge my phone very quickly as it was dead but realised I forgot my charger so couldn’t.

As I sat in my car I put the keys in the ignition but didn’t turn the engine on as it’s just habit to put them there to keep them safe/not lose them. Almost instantly as I sat in my car the police officers pulled in front of my car, asked me to step out and then arrested me for drink driving. They did a breathalyser there and it said I failed but didn’t give a score. The officers then cuffed me so tight to the point that on the way to Abingdon station they had to stop and loosen the cuffs significantly because I couldn’t feel my fingers.

When I got to the station the man at the desk asked if I’d ever been in custody before and I said no. He then said if I would like a phone call and I said yes I’d really like to call my mother. However, because I didn’t have charge on my phone he refused to let me call anyone and said it’s my problem my phones dead. I also told them I have work at 11am the next morning and need to contact them to let them know whether or not I’d be there but they told me They would get me to work on time.

He then asked if I wanted a solicitor but me scared and unaware of what to do said no as I wasn’t very sure on what a solicitor actually is. I asked for a glass of water because I was thirsty but they said I couldn’t have one because I need to do a breathalyser (which makes sense) but I can have one straight after. They then Took my thumb prints and photo and breathalysed me. From here they said the only thing left to do is to interview me and I would be able to leave in a few hours.

They took me to my cell and I’m not too sure what time it was as I couldn’t keep track of time but I believe it was roughly 2am at this point. After this I still wasn’t provided with a glass of water until 10 hours later. They kept me in my cell until 12pm without and food or drink and not one friend, family member or work colleague had any idea where I was to the point where one of my friends and my mum thought I may have died.

They interviewed me and I answered all their questions and then put me back in my cell for another hour before two officers collected me from my cell and read me my rights in front of the desk. Finally two officers took me back to my home in Freeland.

Andy W

New member
"Drive motor vehicle when alcohol level above limit"... "On 07/09/2020 at, The Leys, Witney, drove a motor vehicle , namely Kia Rio, on a road, namely The Leys, after consuming so much alcohol that the proportion of it in your breath, namely 47mcg of alcohol in 100ml of breath, exceeded the prescribed limit."