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I got arrested for driving under the influence of cannabis after failing the road side drugs test...i had a blood test done at the police station and was told to wait 4 weeks for the results...will I lose my license? It's my 1st offence and was very co-operative with the police...i have lots more questions if someone can help...
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If you are being considered for driving with excess drugs (cannabis) then they will be testing your sample for a level. Cannabis is detected by analysing for the presence of its metabolite, namely THC. In the event that the reading is 2.1µg of THC per 100ml of blood or above then you will be charged with driving with excess drugs. That offence carries a minimum ban of 12 months upon conviction. You can be banned for anything up to 3 years for a first time offence.

You should have been given your own specimen to take away and have independently analysed. You have a right to do that in order to check the compatibility with the police result.

Should you wish to discuss this any further at this stage please contact one of our team on 0333 323 3734
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