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Arrested for drink driving


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I was pulled over on my way back from a night out after being spotted taking a right turn which was not allowed. I was followed for approximately a mile and then stopped. There was no complaint of dangerous driving or being out of control of the vehicle. I was asked to do a breathalyzer test and blew over. I was then taken back to the station for a second test and blew 61 micrograms of alcohol in 100 milliltres of breath. I plan to plead guilty but I was wondering if there was anything I can prepare to help reduce the sentence. It was early hours so there were minimal to no cars on the road and I was not driving erratically. I had no complaints and abided all orders given. Will I need a solicitor to provide this information or is it something I should just prepare myself before the court date? Can I also tell the court before the date that I will be pleading guilty?
There is no requirement for you to instruct a solicitor. You are entitled to represent yourself. A solicitor can help you focus any mitigation towards the most relevant factors in the sentencing guidelines to help minimise your penalty within those guidelines. Your reading puts you just into the second sentencing bracket meaning a ban of between 17 and 22 months together with a fine or a community order. The court can consider the circumstances of the offender as well as the offence and this information could help reduce your penalty. There is, however, no requirement to instruct a solicitor.
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