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Applying to court for licence return

I was disqualified for a period of three years in April 2012 for failure to provide. There we're no aggregating features to the case. As I understand it, after two years I am eligible to apply to the courts to reinstate my licence. I work for a national company, the same one at the time of my disqualification, and my employer have indicated a change in my job job role which means I will require a vehicle to travel, this being essential to my new senior position. As the two year period is fast approaching, I need some advice on the best way to approach the court, and how soon I should act.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi David, yes you are able to make the application for the early return of your licence once 2 years of the disqualification has passed. This application must be made to the Court that disqualified you from driving and the key thing they will be looking for is a change in circumstances to justify the early return of your licence, on the face of it your potential new job role falls into this category. Normally I advise writing to the Court before the 2 year period is up and asking them to list the hearing as soon as possible after the 2 years as passed. If you are interested in having representation for this application my department specialises in this area, you are welcome to call on 0333 999 7158.
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