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Applying for my licence

I am due to finish a five year ban 9/10/17. I was worried about the medical because of the CDT test. Anyways reading on forums I got relevant information about CDT test and decided to stop drinking on 24/7/17 and have not had a drink to date (19/09/17) I went to my GP and said I am applying for my licence back and asked for a health check I had a full blood test and all came back fine I then asked if I could have a CDT test jus to see where my levels was and he allowed me to have one. I didn't ask for the CDT test because there was alcohol issues or anything to do with alcohol. Anyways the test came back at 3℅ on 4 august my doctor said it's in normal range but slightly high but nothing to worry about so what I am asking is this when I have the medical for the dvla i know n y CDT is going to be low will they actually look at my records or do they write to my GP if any further enquiries are needed? Any info would be appreciated thanks .....Lee
Also I forgot to mention is there a chance I could get refused a licence because of this CDT result on my files . My doctor has no recent alcohol issues in past 3 years on file
The DVLA would usually approach your GP as part of the medical process. The GP will be asked to complete a questionnaire and they will answer specific questions about alcohol consumption and will be asked to give a view regarding any alcohol 'dependency' issue or alcohol 'misuse' issue. This is a process that has to be gone through. If the DVLA make a decision not to reinstate your licence they will need to give reasons as to why. At that stage any decision can potentially be challenged through a court process but you should obtain legal advice before doing so. At this stage you will need to comply with the DVLA requests and process.
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