Applying for licence after 2 years of 3 year ban.

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what are the chances of getting my licence back after serving 2 years of my 3 year ban (second offence in 10 years both cannabis) for drug driving? The second time my reading was 2.5 and the limit is 2micro grams per litre of blood or whatever it is i was only 0.5 over the limit. reasons I need my licence back is my mum struggles to walk properly now and I live quite far away from my two daughters who I have to arrange ways of picking them up and getting them home each weekend.

Martin Hammond

Good afternoon,

You are able to make an application to the Court to have your disqualification lifted early if you have served two years of your disqualification if it is less than four years, therefore in your case you are able to do so.
You will need to ensure that you have supporting evidence for your case, and how you have changed since you were convicted of the offence.
I can arrange for one of my team to contact you if you wish to discuss this further with you?
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