Applying for early return of licence following disqualification


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I was disqualified for 5 years and am at the half way point when I understand I can apply for the early return of my license. I have prepared a statement and have a letter of support from my GP. I am unable to afford legal representation and therefore need to make the application to court myself. Please could you advise me how to go about this? What should I do in the first instance? I have tried to telephone the court numerous times but am unable to get through.
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The application must be made to the court where the conviction was imposed. If you are struggling to contact the police by telephone then I would recommend contacting by email. The court will consider:

  • The offender’s character and post-conviction conduct;
  • The nature of the offence for which he was convicted; and
  • Any other circumstances of the case.
You will also need to notify the police/prosecution that you intend to advance an argument as they are entitled to be invited to any hearing to make representations. Once the hearing is listed you will have the opportunity to address the issues in the case by presenting evidence such as that you have already mentioned.