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Applying for a bus licence

Please can you help.
I contacted the DVLA for advice on applying for a bus license. I told them that in October 2017 I had gone to my GP for advice on binge drinking. They sent me the DR1 form.
I said I had seemed advice and been advised to reduce my intake also it caused arguments at home.
I 're visited GP in November 2017 and my GP said I was low risk. I have stopped binge drinking.
The DVLA has wrote to my GP. What should I expect as my intake at the time was very high..I blacked out while drunk and I'm not sure if GP put that on my notes.
If I do get a ban will it be for 12 or 6 months and will it start from the last date I saw GP for this issue. Or from when the DVLA make the decision?
Many thanks
The DVLA determine the length of any revocation by virtue of whether they view you to have been misusing alcohol or dependent on alcohol. Misuse is a minimum 6 month revocation whilst dependency is a minimum 12 months. Any revocation will usually be implemented from the decision date but you should seek advice regarding this issue if your licence is revoked.
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