Anyone any hint of the rehab course being restarted?

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hi there i was banned for 29 months in january 2020 and have until october 2021 to complete the drink drivers awareness course to reduce ban to 22 months. As of a few weeks ago I was instructed to ring back the course provider in september to see what is what with the course as the one I enrolled on in may got cancelled. I know I have a way to go until my time runs out to do the course but has anyone heard any hints or have any predictions as to when the courses will be back up & running? Surely if schools are back in september then they can run these courses socially distanced?


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Classroom Courses in England for TTC started again this week, except for Northern Ireland which will not be till next month.
Courses in Wales have started and will be online.

The differences are down to different national restrictions that apply in each UK country.
You will have to check with your Provider to see what they are doing....


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I managed to get myself through the course by end of Feb. I just wanted it over - never would have thought of covid & courses stopped. A few on the forum what with the course & dvla delays have not got back on the road when expected
I was told on my course they were already planning to run them, those who had done 1 f2f they were trying to finish the others
Suggest check with provider, pick large area & if possible offer to be a reserve as on my course a few didn't turn up some had cancelled - sickness
It’s three weeks on the run week 1 half day then 2 full days
Good luck


The authorised course is available online through Zoom by at least one provider at the present time even in lockdown throughout England and Wales.


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Online courses are available through several providers, including TTC, Aspire, LTP driver training, Ace driver training and IAM.
If you are not with one of those, check with the provider that you nominated at court to see if they are providing online courses. If they are not, it is open to you to change provider to one which IS offering online courses.
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