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Alcohol Dependency and Abstinence DVLA medical


I told the DVLA about a visit to rehab in may 2016 which included detox. They revoked my license in December. My GP has said i am fit to drive and have been abstinent for nearly two years. This is not quite true ...

I have the DVLA medical tomorrow. I have not had dependency since 2016, but i have had a few “slips”, including drinking for a few days 3 weeks ago.

I need to know what the DVLA guidelines on alcohol dependency will mean to me, particularly the “abstinence wil usually be required. Will i need to admit the slips in the medical?

I don’t want to voluntarily admit slips to dvla, they will take this as ongoing dependency and wont let me drive for another year if abstinence IS required. Will the DCT test show i have had slips? I am genuinely not dependent and have not been for 10 months.

BTW I have never had a driving conviction.
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