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Dear Sirs

Please help father was stopped by the police and blew a possitive test at 59. He is 56 years old with a clean licence. He owns his own garage and works alone.(test driving cars and taking cars for mots is his main concern) Please could you advise to the possible length of conviction as he is sick with worry and very embarrased. Many thanks
If convicted the Magistrates will listen to any agravating or mitigating circumstances brought to the court's attention by the prosecution and your father's legal representative, all of which will be taken into account when deciding on his punishment.

They will apply the sentencing guidelines which suggest that a disqualification of between 16 and 20 months and a fine is appropriate for a reading at this level.

A well prepared and well presented plea in mitigation on your father's behalf could make a real difference to the Court's final decision.

Feel free to contact us if your father wants help with this.