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Convicted Driver Insurance


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I could use your advice.
Just over 4 years ago I made a stupid mistake, I was convicted of a drink driving offence (dr10) received an 18 month ban and a fine. I asked my solicitor if I needed to notify my employer, to which she advised "only if you are required to drive for work", which I don't. So I did not notify them, I hid my shame and didn't tell a soul in the office.
A recent look at my employee handbook however states that I must notify HR immediately about any convictions.
I work in back office operations at an investment bank. I'm terrified, I should notify them but will I lose my job if I do?
I'm afraid that all I can say is that if you are contractually bound to disclose any convictions to your employer and you fail to do so then you may be in breach of that contract. I would advise that you speak to a specialist employment solicitor for specific advice as to how best to proceed as this is outside my area of expertise.
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