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New member
Hi, I am a foreign full time student. Recently (April 2009) moved to the UK to look for a job as I am graduating from a Master in July 2009. I bought a 50cc moped in late April 2009 and was caught DD with a breath test result of 55. I fully cooperated with the police, first time I run in to trouble in the UK. I spent one year as an exchange student in the country in 2006. Now, my disposable income is 200 pounds plus the value of the moped (400-500 pounds). I don't have a job, I was looking for one, but as it will be very difficult to get one with a criminal charge, I will return to my home country right after the court case. I was driving on a EU licence.

How will the fine be calculated given the fact that I have no credit history in the uk? All I can provide is a bank statement stating that when I moved here I had 2500 pounds sent over from my foreign bank account as savings. I have no NIN and no benefits of sort. I have 200 pounds left.

I will not have a solicitor representing me in court, I cannot afford one. Should I mention the fact that I am leaving in a couple of weeks? As I was driving on a foreign license, the court will be aware that if I leave the ban will not affect my right to drive abroad. Will that affect the calculation of the fine? Any suggestion?

Thanks for helping.

The fine is usually based on your income and therefore you should take your bank statement with you to Court in order to prove and substantiate your financial situation.

It is unusual for Court's to increase the ban or financial penalty just because someone is leaving the Country and such an approach would be contrary to ordinary principles of sentencing. The only thing that the Court will be concerned with is your ability to discharge your debt in full to the Court before you leave the UK.