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I was stopped in January and swabbed , taken back for blood test. I have a court summons . I’m a regular after work smoker . So always stays in your blood anyway . Thing is when I was pulled I hadn’t smoked for a good 5 hours and I literally didn’t feel anything and felt fine to drive . The sergeant of the station felt like I was ok too and told officers to take me back to my car and didn’t put me in cells to sober up . I understand that it’s the same thing as drink driving only problem is that it stays in your system for so long but it doesn’t mean that your stoned

Martin Hammond

Good evening,

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Could you confirm whether you have been charged with driving whilst over the specified drug limit or driving whilst unfit through drugs?

If you have been charged with driving whilst over the specified drug limit, the legal limit for cannabis is 2mg. In essence if the drug is in your system from prior consumption at the point of testing and if you are over the legal limit that is enough for the police to charge you, they do not have to prove that you were impaired at the time. If you believe the reading is inaccurate you can challenge the reliability of the blood analysis and the procedure.

Would it help if I got one of my team to give you a call to discuss this further?


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Well apparently it says greater than 7 so charge would be driving over the prescribed limit , but I was completely sober when pulled over enough for sergeant to tell his officers to take me back to my car , if that’s what they are trying to do me for then at the time it was very irresponsible of them to have not dealt with the situation properly and detain me to sober up . I feel as if I’m going to get banned wrongly , I’ve never abused the drug and got into my car . I have always treated it the same as having a drink where you would allow time to drive
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